Bonnie - Active Minds

Name: Bonnie Jan
Position: Director
Year: 4th
Major: Psychobiology
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Hey Arnold!

Gina - Active Minds

Name: Gina Juarez
Position: Workshop Director
Year: 3rd
Major: Psychology
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: The Little Mermaid

Solara - Active Minds

Name: Solara McCoy
Position: Assistant Workshop Director
Year: 4th
Major: Psychology (clinical emphasis)
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Jerry (in Tom and Jerry)

Feliza - Active Minds

Name: Feliza Estrada
Position: Internal Vice President
Year: 3rd
Major: Sociology
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Hey Arnold!

TK - Active Minds copy

Name: TK Truong
Position: Workshop Director
Year: 3rd
Major: Psychology, FTV minor
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Arthur Read!

Ilene - Active Minds

Name: Ilene Lee
Position: Events Director
Year: 3rd
Major: Psychology; Political Science Minor
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Sailor Moon

Devin - Active Minds

Name: Devin Saragosa-Harris
Year: 4th
Major: Psychobiology
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Belle

Brandy - Active Minds

Name: Brandy Briones
Position: Assistant Director
Year: 3rd
Major: Psychobiology
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Hello Kitty

Danny - Active Minds

Name: Daniel Martinez
Position: Training Director
Year: 4th
Major: Psychology
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory

Shayna - Active Minds

Name: Shayna Greenberg
Position: Historian/Web Master
Year: 2nd
Major: Psychology
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Matt Ishida from Digimon

Michelle - Active Minds

Name: Michelle Nosratian
Position: Events Director
Year: 3rd
Major: Art History and Psychology
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Arnold from Hey Arnold

Jamie - Active Minds

Name: Jamie Tran
Position: Training Director
Year: 3rd
Major: Psychology
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Arthur (the PBS show!)

Marianna - Active Minds

Name: Marianna Walther
Position: Social Chair
Year: 4th
Major: Psychology/Sociology
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Tweety Bird

Ashley - Active Minds

Name: Ashley McQuerter
Position: Marketing/Publicity Director
Year: 2nd Year
Major: Psychology
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Hercules (the Disney one :P)

Erica - Active Minds

Name: Erica Hur
Position: Publicity Director
Year: 3rd
Major: Economics/ Communication Studies
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Teen Titans/ Robin

Dharshini - Active Minds

Name: Dharshini Shegran
Position: Treasurer
Year: 3rd
Major: Psychology
Favorite childhood character/cartoon: Captain Planet

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