General Meeting and Veggie Grill Social

Hello Active Minders!

We have quite a lot going on today!

We will be having a General Meeting in the Large Conference Room, 6-7 pm!  This meeting will be worth 2 points! Note: We will be restructuring some neural networks so if you’ve been unhappy with the activity within your network and would still like to participate, please, please come.

This will be followed by a social to allow you to get to know your possibly new neurons at Veggie Grill.

This social  is also a fundraiser and it is important to help us publicize. We could potentially get 50% of the proceeds if we hit $200 and beyond, but only if we hit $200. THINK OF HOW MANY BRACELETS THAT IS.

Thus, we will be encouraging flyering at 5 pm by giving you 3 points for 30 mins! But make sure to be back by the meeting!

TK recommends taking the Wilshire Center Express around 4:30-4:45, getting off the bus and walk one block to Veggie Grill and flyer for 30 mins. Get back on said bus and get off at the second stop near Gonda/School of Medicine. Walk 5-7 minutes to CAPS and be at the meeting.To sign up and for more instructions, please click here.

We look forward to seeing you all tonight!

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